Transforming the Global Mobility Industry with Automotive Carbon Fiber Components
The automotive industry is going through a rapid transition, with electrification and the demand for more sustainable solutions in the lead. Lightweighting Solutions, a concept that demands that car parts be optimized for their lightest safest-possible weight has come to the forefront and so has Leggaro Composites.
Having emerged as the leader in lightweight composites, Leggaro is playing a vital role in radically transforming the global mobility industry by catering to the niche segment of supercars, superbikes and racing cars.
Leggaro composites India
At Leggaro, state-of-the-art technical know-how and manufacturing excellence produces stellar carbon composite parts that helps the customer arrive at the right industrialization strategy while taking full ownership of the project, right from concept to the finished component.
Leggaro Composites has rich experience in delivering lightweight automotive carbon fiber composites that it draws from its Italian motor valley design heritage together with Indian manufacturing excellence in automotive carbon fiber composite part manufacturing – and covers covers detailed design, analysis, material choice, laminate design, patterns, moulds, and jigs design & manufacturing.
Leggaro has manufacturing competencies in both technologies – Autoclave and SMC – and caters to the manufacturing of exterior, interior, trim, chassis, structure and suspensions etc. for leading luxury mobility players.
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